The scientific workshop “Propulsion systems for small spacecraft and CubeSat format nanosatellites: new technologies and development perspectives”.

On November 1, 2019, EDB Fakel hosted the traditional scientific workshop named “Propulsion systems for small spacecraft and CubeSat format nanosatellites: new technologies and development perspectives”. The event was heard and considered among all the enterprises of the Russian space and rocket industry. More than 80 participants attended this event and 30 attendees presented their papers.

The workshop was started by the welcoming speech from E. Kosmodemyanskiy who told about the perspectives and peculiarities of this scientific direction. This year the workshop was divided into sections due to a big amount of presentations. There was a lot of questions raised at the section named “New materials and perspective production and additive technologies in the field of development of electric propulsions and propulsion systems on their basis“. Yana Nazarova (FSUE EDB Fakel) carried out a review of new materials implementation at EDB Fakel. Additive technologies application was actively discussed. At the section named “New missions and projects for small spacecraft and CubeSat format nanosatellites development” several unique projects were presented, including the projects developed by EDB Fakel. In particular, Artem Bogatyrev (FSUE EDB Fakel) presented a project for thrusters development for a small spacecraft in space. A big number of presentations was noted at the section “Electric propulsions and propulsion systems on their basis for small spacecraft and CubeSat format nanosatellites”. A presentation named “Development of an extreme low-power plasma thruster” made by Olga Mitrofanova (FSUE EDB Fakel) was specially noted by the audience.

Apart from that, the attendees were introduced to EDB Fakel’s production and test facilities, and visited EDB Fakel’s museum.

Based on the workshop results, possibilities for a further cooperation were opened and new interesting work directions were planned to use the existing developments.

Thanks to all our colleagues for your participation!

FSUE EDB Fakel (a part of the State Corporation Roscosmos) is one of the leading enterprises in development of electric propulsion systems and thermal catalytic propulsion systems operating using Hydrazine. Fakel has a production experience in serial and mass delivery of thrusters both in commercial and state market segments. The share of the thrusters production in the world for spacecraft is about 10%. More than 70 Russian spacecraft (more than 60% of the Russian orbital constellation) and 30 Western spacecraft are equipped with thrusters developed and produced by EDB Fakel. Today EDB Fakel’s partners are: ISS Reshetnev, RSC Energia, Khrunichev State Research and Production Center, Lavochkin Research and Production Association, Research and Production Corporation VNIIEM, Maxar (Canada), Airbus, TAS (France), MELСO (Japan), IAI (Israel), OHB (Sweden).  

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