EDB Fakel specialists presented their papers at the 36th International Conference IEPC 2019

The International conference IEPC 2019 took place from 15th to 20th of September in the University of Vienna, Vienna. IEPC is the most significant event in space propulsion engineering and is an attraction point for scientists, professors, designers, experts and managers of space-oriented companies in the field of space study. This event is a unique opportunity to exchange the expert opinion on the most relevant topics in the field of electric propulsions engineering.

More than 500 participants from more than 25 countries took part in the event. A small but very informative exhibition was open at the IEPC 2019 where such companies as Aerojet Rocketdyne, Safran, Arianegroup, Rafael, Sitael, FOTEC, BUSEK, RUAG showed dummy propulsions and actual propulsions. One could even see an operating propulsion installed on an experimental system. The scientific program consisted of more than 500 technical presentations covering all the aspects from physics and propulsion systems development to their operation in orbit and spacecraft control.

This was the 5th conference with EDB Fakel’s design-engineers having an active scientific participation. A. Zarakovskiy presented the development results of integrated thruster units ITU-100 and ITU-140, design-engineer A. Markov reported on the modified SPT-70M thruster featuring higher output and lifetime characteristics. A. Komarov presented the investigation results of the discharge current oscillations in the SPT. EDB Fakel’s presentations always draw a high scientific interest among the conference participants.

FSUE EDB Fakel (a part of the State Corporation Roscosmos) is one of the leading enterprises in development of electric propulsion systems and thermal catalytic propulsion systems operating using Hydrazine. Fakel has experience in the industrial production and serial delivery of thrusters both in commercial and state market segments. The share of the thrusters production in the world for spacecraft is about 10%. More than 60% of the Russian orbital constellation (more than 70 spacecraft) and 30 Western spacecraft are equipped with thrusters developed and produced by EDB Fakel. Today EDB Fakel’s partners are: ISS Reshetnev, RSC Energia, Khrunichev State Research and Production Center, Lavochkin Research and Production Association, Research and Production Corporation VNIIEM, Space Systems/Loral (USA), Airbus, TAS (France), MELСO (Japan), IAI (Israel), Maxar (Canada).   


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