Message From The General Director


Experimental Design Bureau Fakel pays special attention to the development and implementation of scientific-and-engineering developments designed by young specialists who are taking an active part in the field of the epoch of high technologies, when the human have made a major step forward in their research-and-engineering achievements, the world is rapidly coming up to new– revolutionary – discoveries that might radically change our life. They say, the science is a stimulus to progress; and this is precisely why the development of science plays the most important role in both political and economical policies of any state. The development in its widest sense is impossible without science. The science is a basis for progress.

EDB Fakel has done a long path to success and ready for new discoveries and achievements. In 2020, we will celebrated the 65th anniversary of our enterprise. Over these years, we have achieved great gains in the field of electric propulsion and  we are open for new trailblazing projects with Russian and foreign companies. We would be glad to see you  among our potential partners.

Sincerely yours,
General Director of EDB Fakel


Korkunov M.V.

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