From 14th to 18th of May the «Space propulsion 2018» conference and exhibition took place in Seville, Spain, organized by the Association of aviation and cosmonautics of France supported by ESA and CNES.

Today this event is recognized in the scientific circles as one of the most significant events in the world propulsion engineering for space use. The event’s business program included reports on various topics: from throwing light to space flight mission tasks to the state-of-art developments at the level of materials and components. More than 700 experts from more than 30 countries participated in the «Space propulsion 2018» including engineers, designers, professors, scientists, heads of departments from leading space enterprises, universities and state institutes. This event is a unique opportunity of exchanging of the expert opinion on the most relevant questions in the propulsion engineering.  

It is the 4th conference for EDB Fakel’s design-engineers to participate. Dmitriy Goza, a design-engineer category 1, presented two reports on the EDB Fakel’s latest developments in the area of hydrazine thrusters. Igor Pyatykh presented the latest results on the development of the SPT-230 perspective high-power thruster. Olga Mitrofanova introduced to the public a summarized presentation of all the product line including flight and perspective thrusters. EDB Fakel’s reports always distinguish themselves for the mature and full information presented.  

Representatives of the Moscow aviation institute and the Keldysh research center were present at the event. Professor Semenkin was awarded by the AAAF technical committee with a certificate for a substantial contribution in the development of the world space industry.