The year 2018 celebrates the 90th birthday anniversary of the prominent physicist Alexey I. Morozov, who made a huge contribution to many areas of contemporary science about plasma and engineering. A. Morozov was a chief scientist at the Russian research center “Kourchatov institute” and an outstanding scientist in the field of plasma dynamics and plasma accelerators; he was a State (USSR) prize winner for his development of physical bases of electric propulsions and he was also awarded with a medal of the International electric propulsion society for his pioneering work in electric propulsions.

His works on creation and implementation of stationary plasma thrusters (SPT) into space engineering brought the world-wide fame to him. The SPT-type of thrusters, which were firstly tested on “Meteor” spacecraft in 1972, have been widely used since that time on domestic and foreign spacecraft as thrusters for