The International Moscow Airshow MAKS-2019 that took place from August 27 to September 1, was marked by the companies of the State Corporation Roscosmos that presented their latest innovative developments of the Russian rocket space industry, namely thrusters and satellites mock-ups, launchers, Distance earth monitoring projects and unique microelectronic devices, as well as minor design elements and innovative materials. 

The EDB Fakel revealed to the public two product lines of thrusters: thermo-catalytic thrusters and plasma thrusters, as well as a scaled model of the Baltic command and tracking station. Fakel’s management took part in official agenda of the airshow and attended several meetings with heads and representatives of major manufacturers of space hardware, as well as suppliers. The main negotiation topic was the possible participation of our company in new projects and scientific developments.

Apart from the business, part of MAKS-2019 during public attendance day the stand of the EDB Fakel was in high demand not only by adults but also by schoolkids and students. Some were quite interested in having an internship at Fakel, some just would like to discover more about plasma and chemical thruster operation. Children got memorable souvenirs with EDB Fakel’s brand marks.

FGUP EDB “Fakel’ (part of the Roscosmos State Corporation) is one of the leading companies developing electric propulsion and thermocatalytic systems on hydrazine, having extensive industrial experience of mass production and supply either in commercial, or in national market segment. The company’s share in spacecraft’s production worldwide is over 10%; more than 70 Russian spacecrafts (over 60% of the Russian orbital constellation) and 30 foreign spacecrafts are equipped with EPS developed and produced by Fakel. Among our current partners are: JSC ISS-Reshetnev Company, RSC “Energia”, Khrunichev  State research and production space center, Lavochkin Scientific and Production Association , VNIIEM Corporation' JC, Maxar (Canada), Airbus, TAS (France), MELCO (Japan), IAI (Israel), OHB (Sweden).

XIV International Airspace Show took place from August 27 to September 01, 2019. The total value of agreements and contracts awarded was above 250 billion rubles, the commercial potential of the event reaches up to 400 billion rubles. The number of guests and attendees reached as high as 578.810 people.